Shelly & Dave's grand wedding at The Kilronan Castle, Ireland.

This was such an eye opening experience, gosh the Irish put our Australian weddings to shame! They sure know how to party.... until 5am!

For this wedding I flew from Sydney to Dublin and stayed in an old Irish castle for 3 nights, I felt like the queen! It was so amazing.

I started photographing the girls at 9am in the morning and shot all the little details around the castle. With so much to work with and the happiest bride in the world, I was having the best time ever :)

I then went on to meet the boys who were very relaxed and then onto the church. Like typical Irish weather with four seasons in one day it was pouring with rain, but the moment the bride Shelly stepped out of the car, it stopped.

The rest of the day flowed with fun photos of the bridal party and 'the young couple'! The reception was in a huge space underneath the castle, and with over 150 people there was a great vibe. What surprised me the most was the change over mid reception where the venue takes away all of the tables and chairs and a full piece band set up for the real party to start. They played until 2am, and then the DJ started and played until 4am! The residents bar then kicked off for anyone still wanting to drink, which of course they did :)

The celebrations still weren’t over. The following day another band they had booked played into the afternoon at one of the castle’s many bars. With cocktails flowing, it was a great way to debrief with the happy couple and mingle with their friendly Irish friends and relatives.

I can't express how happy I am for you Shelly & Dave, you have two very similar minds and are such generous loving people. I can't wait to hear all about your amazing month in Europe and your honeymoon to Canada.

Congrats, Kx

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