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Ceremony locations

Listed in this document are hundreds of ceremony locations in NSW. We suggest that you go to the locations you have shortlisted at the exact same time that you want your ceremony so you can view the light and atmosphere to ensure you love every single bit of it.

Should we do a pre wedding photo shoot?

The simple answer is YES. Sometimes it helps to build confidence in a camera-shy client, and other times you can utilise the images for the wedding itself.

Make your pre wedding shoot personal so that it really means something to you. Think about all the things that are sentimental to you or that sum you up as a couple and we will incorporate all of this on your shoot day.

What to do if it rains on your wedding day...

Thinking about an outdoor wedding? But what if it rains? Well if you plan it right, a little bit of rain could actually transform your wedding into a fairytale ending.

Though with the challenge of a wedding in the great outdoors, you will need to make sure you have ‘Plan B’ mapped out in the event Mother Nature has a different idea.

The Golden Hour for photography

Are you planning on having a country wedding in the hunter valley  over the coming months? You are! Perfect. Have you given thought to your post ceremony photography session? Did you know, if you time it right, you could have the most magical images in your wedding album?

Hen's day ideas

Every bride is so different. Her culture, her background, her personality, her friends, her job. And that’s why every hen’s party is different. The hen’s party has truly become a celebration of sisterhood and female friendship and a lot of the time, the girls just want to hang out together and share some laughter.

Night time wedding photos

All that effort and planning you have put into the how your wedding reception will look, have you thought about how the soft lighting will actually provide such a gorgeous backdrop for some special memories.

So why not create that WOW factor and get something a little different from your wedding photos.

Wedding cake

Are you stuck on an idea for what to have as your wedding cake? Trying to find some inspiration but not sure which way to go? I have seen some of the most spectacular wedding cake ideas over the years and thought what better way to show them off then to create a wedding cake portfolio for you to browse through.

How to plan a destination wedding

Isn’t it the dream? To be able to have your wedding day on a tropical island in the sun. Having a destination wedding is becoming very popular, with a good portion of my wedding photography gigs taking me to a range of beautiful overseas destinations. Though wherever you decide to host your wedding day celebrations, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Read more on our blog.

How to incorporate your wedding invitations and stationery into your wedding photos

While you may not realise how important wedding invitations and stationery are initially, once you begin organising them, you’ll soon realise a large chunk of your time will go towards planning them.

Your invitations will set the tone for your upcoming nuptials and will act as a precursor to how your wedding will be styled. So why wouldn’t you consider requesting your photographer set up some shots to capture your invites and stationery.

While many brides haven’t done this or wouldn’t even consider doing it, your invites and stationery will make for some great styling photos to help encapsulate the essence of your big day.

Marriage Name Change kit

Don't even get me started on this subject! It's never ending the process of changing your name. Luckily there are many companies out there who are committed to helping you do this timely task. 'After the wedding' is an option you can turn to for help.

How to plan a stress free wedding

This is your wedding day. The two of you should both have input into how your day is going to look. Making sure you are both on the same page will reduce tension and worry from both of you as you start planning your big day.

Are you going to go with a formal ceremony, a beach wedding, a large reception, a live band or are you just going to elope?

Schedule your big appointments together for the celebrant, the ceremony and reception locations, and of course the photographer. You both need to be comfortable with the big decisions, and whatever you decide, make sure you both work towards the same goal.

I need help booking...

Over the past 6 years we have been lucky enough to work with some amazing vendors. I would like to share with you their details to save you the time and guess work (you can thank me later)!

We have created a guide outlining all of our favourite wedding businesses that we think stand out and are great to work with. Well it's a good place to start and compare with your own findings. As always let me know if you have any other questions.

Click here to view some of the fantastic vendors we have worked with.

Wedding Forms

These need to be filled out after you have booked your wedding. Please click on the picture and follow the links.

The BEST country style wedding venue's for photos

Terrara House Estate wedding

Merribee Gardens, Nowra

Melross Farm, Kangaroo Valley

Milton Park, Bowral wedding

Centennial Park, Sydney

Wanda Valley, Hunter Valley

Adams Peak Hunter Valley

Mount Keira Scout Camp wedding

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